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The Creche

Our outreach program is situated in the Northern Cape, in an extremely poor rural area 12 km outside the village of Warrenton, 100 km north of Kimberley. The people living in the surrounding areas, where most of our learners come from, are underprivileged and suffer enormous poverty. Unemployment is crippling – the majority of families are living way below the bread-line.
We operate a pre-school and nursery (The Crèche) for +/- 50 children, taking care of the early mental,
emotional, and spiritual development of the little ones. Our focus is on laying a sound Christian foundation for
future families so that they can be self-reliant and cope with the difficult circumstances raising themselves from the cycle of poverty. This way we reach the young mothers as well. The little ones often come hungry to the Crèche and we endeavour to provide three meals daily.

Home Based Care

In the past year, a Day Hospice was set up in Warrenton, by Sister Helena. It is named the "Frances Shannon Hospice" and it has become a model for other outreach programmes in the area, having education and training as a priority. Sister Helena works tirelessly in her efforts to empower the local community.
She has recently established an area within the premises where blind people can meet on a regular basis.
The Hospice also runs a counselling service with quality palliative care provided for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.
Apart from managing the centre, Sister Helena travels to the nearby shanty areas to administer to the sick by giving injections and attending to wounds. Her work is highly regarded by the Health Authorities who selected her to undertake the screening for HIV in the area.

Frances Shannon Self Help Centre

At the Frances Shannon Self Help Centre, Sister Helena teach woman from the local community to sew and make products that they can sell to help with their income. The merchandise is also for sale at the Centre.

All profits go straight back to the people. Sister Helena buy and provide all material from her own pocket. We would love to see her charity initiative growing in the community of Warrenton.

We are looking for people, businesses, designers who would like to get involved to donate or make use use of the service to please contact Sister Helena: Telephone: 053 497 3790 Email:


We have launched a brand new concept for the ladies of the Frances Shannon Self Help Centre. We created the label called Thuli and the product focus will be floor cushions, children's floor cushions with an African flair. Each item can be traced back to the lady who sewed it. All profits and income will go straight back to them. At this stage we welcome any donations, advise and assistance to launch this branded product range on behalf of Sister Helena and the woman of this community.
We are asking your help please. We need fabric donations, off cut pieces and left over fabrics. We will collect from you.
We sincerely appreciate your help, time and effort.

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