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In Loving Memory of Jack Alex Bain

22/10/2008 - 28/2/2017

Jack was a very special, loved boy who sadly passed away a few months ago. His mom Taryn contacted us and said that she would like to donate his wheelchair and unused medical equipment to Nazareth House. We are blown away by this incredible gift and feel so privileged that we get to honour Jack and his life in this way. Our Physio assessed Jacks wheelchair, and it was the perfect fit for one of our boys, *Sipho! *Sipho can now sit so much more comfortably in his new wheelchair, thanks to Jack and his mom for their wonderful generosity and donation. Pay it forward in the most purest way... From all of us here at Nazareth House, Taryn, please accept our heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. At times like this we can only be grateful for the loving memories and happy moments shared with someone so precious, even though it doesn’t make the loss any easier.


The beautiful story of Hilda

Hilda went home with her forever Mommy and Daddy yesterday. They met yesterday for the first time and what was really amazing, is that her adoptive mother’s facial features share so many similarities to Hilda! Incredible. The adoptive parents were brought through to us by their social workers, and we were able to give a full account of Hilda’s story, her growth and development, her likes and dislikes. As she has been in our care for so long, we were able to give the adoptive family a lot of info about her and how she has been progressing. Of course, they were listening, but were itching to just meet her and COULD NOT WAIT another second to see their daughter for the first time. When we brought her through to see them, they were completely taken by her and their interaction was uninhibited and natural. Hilda looked intently at them, as if they were familiar to her. They were all very comfortable with one another and we were over the moon to say goodbye to this precious little girl, knowing full well that she has an amazing and wonderful future ahead of her.

Moments like these are worth gold to all of us.

Mary and Lilian

We would like to introduce to you Mary and Lilian. Both these delightful ladies were born in 1930. Mary in April and Lilian in July.
Theirs is a friendship to admire and almost envy.
There are some common bonds, they enjoy knitting and talking about their children.
They clearly enjoy being together and are in each other’s company from sunrise untill bedtime. It is hard to imagine the one without the other.
What is strangely the most endearing part about this friendship, is that they both have short term memory loss. To be privy to their chatting is a lesson we can all learn from. They tell each other the same stories over and over. This is not a problem as in our friendships, where there is eye rolling and the attitude of ‘I have heard this all before’. With them…they have forgotten they have heard it before. There is a delight in the telling, as well as the hearing. Their graciousness towards each other and the staff is a pleasure to watch and experience.
Mary has five daughters, who she clearly loves, and can always relate some story about them.
Lilian has two children and a stepdaughter as well. She knits toys constantly with each one lovingly put together, and boxed for bazaars and needy children.
What a delight we have in these two fine ladies and their beautiful friendship…they are just two of the residents that make Nazareth House the wonderful place it is.

For obvious reasons we cannot use a photo of them, but while the picture is not real the story is.

Our oldest two residents

They have been at Nazareth House since they were small girls as mentally challenged kids. They were accepted to work in Kadima and given the opportunity to study through Boston College. They received certificates for completion of their course. Congratulations from all of us at Nazareth House.